IT Outsourcing Is On The Decline, But Not For Software Vendors

Your business is to develop, sell, integrate and support specialized application software for your clients. Which means they are outsourcing work to you rather than doing it in-house. This is good business for them because you can do these tasks better than they can, and at a lower cost. It is good business for you making the transaction a “win win”.

The practice of outsourcing is beneficial to you for the same reasons it is good for your clients.

For outsourcing to be effective the task selection must meets certain criteria. The following example provides a sketch of how some criteria can be measured in determining which tasks are better outsourced and which tasks are better kept in-house.

Some time ago I had a team of IT developers working for a major US bank headquartered in Texas. The bank was in growth mode, acquiring other banks and merging them into the parent bank. There was more work than my staff could get done yet we did not want to add to staff for what appeared to be short term needs. To solve the workload problem I routinely outsourced work to contractors.

The work I assigned to contractors was maintenance work, conversion tasks and merging data files. I chose those tasks because they were short term in nature and not likely to be repeated. The new development work, including software implementation (but not data conversion), I assigned to permanent staff. I wanted the experience gained from that work kept in-house.

This process paid off handsomely. Turnover among contractors was a non-issue. As our needs changed I was free to seek specialty skills from other contractors for short term assignments while my staff kept the long term work which allowed us to retain the knowledge of those core systems in-house.

The end results were stable systems supported by people who had in-depth experience with the systems, the data and our customers (bank departments who used the systems).

Now then, why is outsourcing on the decline?

IT managers determined that innovation and development occur best when tightly aligned with company strategy. The best way to accomplish this tight alignment is to have the IT staff in-house. Thereby large IT staff outsourcing is on the decline.

Nevertheless, innovation and development do not include data migration tasks. Outsourcing is not going away. Managers responsible for IT, particularly Software Vendors, will not outsource their innovation and development teams…

They WILL outsource data conversion related tasks.

Relieving the IT team of tasks that bear no relevance on strategy, innovation or development,

will serve to increase their effectiveness.

Data migration related tasks should be outsourced. Let me state several specific reasons why.

· Your clients hire you for software development, integration and support for their business specific software applications

· Data migration work is a distraction from these mission critical tasks

· It does not contribute to the company strategy

· It is unpredictable and mostly not repeatable

· Development programmers do not like data conversion work and are not particularly good at it

· Legacy source systems are many and varied, and are constantly changing

· Often source systems are seen only once or infrequently

· Other vendors are reluctant to assist a competitor in extracting data

· Workload peaks and valleys make it difficult to maintain efficient staffing levels

· Timing is mostly wrong-when a migration is needed the in-house programming staff is needed for development and implementation assignments.

When faced with data conversion related tasks including data archiving, choose to hire a reputable outsourcing team.

Simple Steps To Build Your Multi Level Marketing Business Online

There are a few simple steps to build your multi level marketing business online that can not only be surefire, but can literally be easy to learn and implement. Here are a few simple steps to success online with your multi level marketing business online.

The first simple step to successfully build your multi level marketing business online will be through developing a solid funnel. “Funnel” is the other word to a solid online presence through either a squeeze page/landing page, or simply through a hosted platform like WORDPRESS. The funnel will be the beginning to not only capturing leads, but to keep them constantly in front of you through your marketing efforts.

The next step will be through, of course, the software to capture the information of those visiting your site who wish for further information. This further information will of course be found on another page, hence the “funnel”. This software can be found for FREE online, but for those of us who are serious about our businesses online multilevel or not, the paid platforms have always been the best with the least worry.

Marketing effectively through a hosted website will not be the only way to drive the much needed traffic. It is true that multi level and network marketing do require a massive amount of online traffic as the compensation structures are built on extremely large downlines, who’s requirements are to purchase the products and recruit as well. Marketing will then require using more than one method…it will take several methods.

These simple steps of marketing online however, can be not only reliable for a steady stream of traffic, but literally FREE! There is however a learning curve to online marketing regardless of the hype given to the “get rich quick” SEO software and so-called SEO strategists who can come at an awfully high price…and sometimes for naught. Learning to master online marketing however could be worth the price paid or the time spent researching and practicing. Remember, implementation will be the only way to master anything you learn online so be prepared to WORK!

Steps to build your multi level marketing business online as you can see are simple, but these steps are a learning curve and will take time to master. For many, online marketing seems to be somewhat confusing on first inspection, but given a good training program and or, a partner with the know-how, finding success online with your business could be found.

3 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners

The Internet has become so versatile in this day and age that you could easily make money online if you just have a working computer and a decent web connection. There are actually real opportunities to generate income using the worldwide web and you can get in on the action without a fuss if you just have the right know-how.

If you’re looking to jump on the online money-making bandwagon, then this is the place to be. Make sure you check out the rest of this article to learn a few superb examples that will help you get started in no time at all.

Become a blogger.

Blogging is perhaps the most common method of making money using the Internet nowadays. Apart from giving you the opportunity to have free online exposure and write about the things that interest you, monetizing your blog is also an option if you’re already driving a lot of traffic to it.

While there is no set amount how much money you will get your hands on through blogging, you can expect to earn a decent supplemental income along the way if you already have a sizable following of eager readers. Plus, you can also potentially lease advertising space to people who are selling products and services online if you have the same target audience as they do.

Engage in affiliate marketing.

Selling other people’s products using your website or blog is also a feasible way to make money online. Termed as “affiliate marketing,” you basically allot a space for a web merchant’s ad on your blog and earn a commission each time a customer clicks on it and successfully makes a sale.

You don’t have to possess any technical business skills whatsoever to make your efforts at affiliate marketing profitable. It’s as easy as placing the ad on your website or blog and you’re done. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to attend to any customer service responsibilities, shipping obligations or handling duties, too.

Rent online ad space for PPC.

While renting online ad space is quite similar to affiliate marketing in some aspects, it is a completely different way of earning income off the Internet. This strategy is the best one to go for when you sign up for a pay-per-click (PPC) network.

Unlike affiliate marketing where you only earn a commission when a sale is made, you are paid each time a user clicks on an ad even without buying anything. The amount you make is eventually based on the records made by a tracking code used to log each click made in a specific period of time.

Now that you’ve got a few examples to get you going, why not give one a spin right now and start making money online?

Active Lifestyle – A Must For a Healthy and Long Life

Maintaining an active lifestyle is an important part of a healthy life. There are many benefits attached to leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Very often as people grow older they begin to lead a less active life. This leads to various ailments. The fact is that one can easily lead an active and healthy lifestyle irrespective of how old they are.

Benefits Of An Active Lifestyle

Doctors and health experts are continuously stressing the importance of an active lifestyle because there are so many health benefits associated with it.

o    An active and healthy lifestyle helps us lead a longer and healthier life. Statistics show that those who exercise regularly live longer than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Even a moderate amount of activity can do wonders for your health.

o    Exercise helps to control fat and regulate the sugar levels. Thus it helps to prevent diseases like, diabetes and high cholesterol. Diabetes is a serious health problem that usually affects those who lead a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.

o    Exercise helps to build muscle strength and stamina. People with muscle strength are able to work longer without tiring out.

o    Regular exercise helps to keep many lifestyle diseases at bay. Regular exercise helps to strengthen the heart muscles, lungs and the respiratory system. An active lifestyle helps prevent heart disease. It is already known that prevention is better than cure.

o    Regular exercise and activity also helps in weight maintenance.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is not that hard if you set your mind to it. Very often it has been seen that as people get older they gradually give up leading an active life. In fact today’s easy lifestyle promotes sedentary lifestyle. One does not have to go to a shop to buy groceries or other stuff. One can just order them online.

Active Lifestyle Through Yoga

However, this does not have to be the case. Yoga for health provides a wonderful and safe way for elderly people to stay fit and healthy.

Yoga can be taken up at any stage in life and when done properly it guarantees health benefits. There is yoga for all kinds of people. Those who are suffering from some physical ailment or those who are completely stressed out can find a yoga program that suits their fitness level.

Yoga helps to build muscle strength and provide flexibility. It relieves stress and improves concentration. Yoga has helped many senior people lead a stress and pain free life. People feel alive and less fatigued after doing yoga. It gives them the energy to lead an active and healthy life.

Yoga basically consists of poses (asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation. When these three things are combined together, it gives us a holistic health program. In yoga, the body is treated as a vehicle that allows us to work and evolve. Yoga helps in this purpose.

Many people believe that yoga is strenuous for old people. However, the fact is that there are poses that are specifically designed to help old people. These poses are easy to perform and have no side effects.

Yoga can truly help you lead an active lifestyle and resolve many of your physical ailments.